Riddle of the Mage Steel

The World of Carnus

A brief history of the game setting

It has been over a millenia since the great wars, when the savage monsters and terrible creatures were driven from the civilized lands and forced into the wild, and the building of the Mystic wall, and the loss of magic in the world. The alliance that has blessed the realms of Elf, Dwarf, and Man has held all that time, but now rumblings among the three races of the Trident Alliance can be felt, tensions run high and relationships strained.

“Dwarves forge the sword, Elves ensorcel the sword, and Man weilds the sword”

And now, they say creatures are attacking the Mystic wall, and rumor tells of gathering hordes of monsters amassing in the plains and forests of the wilds. With the alliance in doubt, and savage creatures threatening, can the civilized lands remain safe from the ravages of war for long?

Legends tell of the great mages, who helped drive the creatures into the wilds and used the last of their magic and life force to create the Mystic wall that keeps the civilized lands safe. But some tales speak of the Archmage, who sealed his magic and life force away somewhere secret, somewhere safe. They say that he awaits the day evil threatens the land once again to return and help defeat the savage hordes.

A new cult calling themselves the “Archacalytes” have been seen throughout the realm. Little is known about them, but they say they are searching for the tomb of the Archmage to “release his light to shine in our darkest hour”.

The alliance is in jeapordy, danger threatens the land, and the fate of the civilized lands hangs but by a small thread.



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