Welcome to the world of Carnus!

In this game world we will be playing the campaign “Riddle of the Mage Steel”, a fantasy themed cinematic adventure for the RSRS (Realistic to Super-heroic Role-playing System) game.

The amount of GVP’s and Skill points a player will have to make a character will be given to them by the GM. The civilization level of this adventure is 3 (Iron age).

The races available for characters are
*Vlaaguardians (Humans, but of a much larger, heartier stock)
*Other races may be granted pending GM’s approval (Orc, Goblin, Kobold)

Magic and Psionics are extremely rare. Characters may only begin with up to two spell categories (energy, transmutation, etc.), and only two spell skills total. Psionics, the character can only have one power for every Will point they have above 7 (max of 4)

Riddle of the Mage Steel